FITGuard Mouth Guard

All contact sports have one common problem, injuries to head which sometimes goes undetected. The blows can be sometimes severe but the game spirit of the player doesn’t make them realize that the blow could have been a major one. Sometimes the players realize that they have a concussion but yet continue playing because they don’t want to be benched. Force Impact Technologies FITGuard is a device that detects such impacts and reports it.
The mouth guard by FIT contains an accelerometer that measures the linear and angular acceleration. When the sensors present in the guard detects an impact that crosses a safety threshold for the particular player, LED row within the mouthpiece turns red. It also sends an alert through Bluetooth to an app on a smart phone to the person on the side lines. The safety level for the player is based on criteria’s like Age, Weight and gender. You can also set a default value.
If the impact is not severe, guard still registers it but the LED’s go green instead of red. The person having the app would also receive a notification which will tell them that the athlete should be fine. All the data collected is stored on cloud which is used to build a FITGuard database that will help fine tune the accuracy of impact threshold over time. It is believed that mouth fit guards are better than helmet devices as the players can carry the mouth guard with them from game to game and can also be used in games which don’t have the use of helmets like soccer or field hockey. The expected retail price is $130




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