Cricket Is One Of The Most Popular Games In The World Because Of Its Simplicity

Two teams with 11 players in each team descend on a cricket pavilion to play a game of cricket. The game is staged between a batsman,  a player holding a bat, and the other player, the baller, who tries to hit the wickets with a ball. The drama is staged on a 22-yard long pitch.

The batsman task is to defend the wickets and hit the ball in response to the baller's attempt at striking the wickets. He must hit the ball hard enough to make it  go long distances. The batsman can run between the two ends of the pitch while the ball is fetched by players of the other team.

The batsman can also score 4 or 6 runs without running between the wickets. He has to hit the ball hard enough to cross a certain circumference on the field. Each team takes turns to score a lot of runs against the opponent. The team which manages to score the most runs is declared the winner.

If the player throwing the ball manages to strike the wickets while the batsman is inside the crease, the batsman cannot continue. If the ball is caught directly after hitting the bat by a player of the opposite team, the batsman is also declared out of the game.

The format of the game has been changing and evolving with time. In a certain format, all the batsmen of a team have to be bowled out of the game, or alternatively, the team engaged in throwing the ball at the batsman has a limited opportunity at hitting the stumps.


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