The Game Of Basketball Has Emerged From Being A College Sport To One Played In The Olympics

Basketball, as seen in the society as of today, came up in 1891 in Massachusetts. The game of basketball evolved over the tendency of football players to develop injuries on the field.

James Naismith had a fair hand in its development. The game established its popularity among the common people in America and went on to do the same in other countries as well.

It was accepted as a professional sport in 1949 when the American National Basketball Association (NBA) was established. Eventually, it found itself as an integral part of the American culture popular in colleges.

Players from  the NBA find themselves as some of the highest paid athletes in the world.

A game of basketball involves two teams each pushing to drop a ball through a net that is 18 inches in diameter and is placed 10 feet high. The ball is moved among the players when it is passed, dribbled or rebounded.

Any player is not allowed to run while the ball is in his or her hand. No body part is supposed to be used in holding the ball. It is to be held only using the hands.

Moving through the field using one's force by pushing the opponents is not allowed. Tripping or striking any opponent is not allowed. The team doing any of this is said to have committed a foul. Three fouls in a row make a goal for the opponent.

In its initial years, basketball was played using a soccer ball, usually brown in color. The current orange color of the ball was introduced in 1950 to make it easier for the opposing team and spectators to make out the ball.




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