Steve Nash is retiring from NBA

Winner of two MVPs, Steve Nash's career is officially over. The ones whopaid attention to "The player's Tribune" saw Nash's announcement. He decided to retire after having nerve damage in his back and did not play for Los Angeles Lakers this season. His 19 year NBA career found its end once he reached 41 years old. Taking a look at his past performances, Nash ascored 14.3 points and 8.5 assists, being one of the best three point shooters in NBA history. Coming from South Africa, he grew up in British Colombia.

Even though he excelled in basketball, he was not recruited by major U.S universities to play his favorite sport. Fortunately for him, Santa Clara took a chance on him. Since the beginning of his career, we could notice the creativity and skill he developed, having an amazing vision, dribbling, head up, and most of all, making his teammates play better. On his long road, he played for Mavericks, Suns and D'Antoni until 2012 when he joined the Lakers team. He excelled in D'Antoni system, writing grateful words for his coach "Mike D'Antoni changed the game of basketball, no wonder I had my best years playing for him".

After all, now he's most known as an influence for young Canadian basketball players. He will remain involved in basketball as the general manager of Canada's men's national team. Its career was more than impressive but now he has more time to focus his attention on his family, spending more time with his wife and kids. Let's wish Steve Nash all the luck he needs out of field.


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